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More about velorbis

Velorbis, a Danish company based in Copenhagen, began in 2005. Velorbis bicycles are designed in Copenhagen and manufactured in Germany.

Design is a priority to the Danes and Velorbis uphold the Danish tradition of striving for design perfection.

Morgans Bicycles began in 2007, marketing Velorbis bicycles in Australia. Any Velorbis bicycle purchased from Morgans Bicycles is sent to you fully checked and 98% fully assembled. All Velorbis bicycles purchased through Morgans have the price and specifications as our website.



Velorbis have begun marketing their bicycles & accessories directly to the world.
Should you be considering purchasing a bicycle directly from Velorbis, you should be aware that imports into Australia of this value will be subject to Australian GST on the total of the invoice. 

Bicycles purchased directly from Velorbis will be only partly assembled. The front wheel and all front components are detached from the main frame. 

Morgans Bicycles will not be responsible or liable, in any way, for bicycles purchased directly from Velorbis, from July 1st, 2012.