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Achielle awarded Handmade In Belgium label

The HIB “Handmade in Belgium” label is presented to companies making, not just assembling, but actually producing goods in Belgium.
Achielle is one of the first HIB ambassadors. Making bicycles as they have done since 1946, from raw steel to finished bicycles with all production including frame-building & painting, done in-house. From their perspective, even though this may be out of idealism, it is important to keep their family heritage and knowledge alive. They admit they may never get rich this way, however this isn’t their priority. More important to the Oosterlinck family is that each bicycle is made with their heart and soul and family tradition.

This label only adds to their two previous accolades, being the Belgium Ondernemer Award for entrepreneurship in 2011 and the Belgium highest award for craftsmanship in 2012.

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